Benefits of Nylon Coating

As you know, Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc. is capable of creating dip molding and coating solutions for all kinds of products using a wide variety of materials based on the application. Among those materials is nylon, and it is a very popular coating choice for many of our clients. There are many benefits to coating a metal product in nylon, and these include:

  • Reduced heat conductivity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fluid resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Hygienic surface

Many companies choose to coat their metal products with nylon because the even, glossy finish adds a special touch while still providing all of the practical benefits listed above. A further benefit of nylon is that it is a more environmentally friendly material; a characteristic that many industries are becoming more and more sensitive too.

Nylon coating can be used for many applications, including: medical instruments, scientific equipment and industrial parts. It is not at all uncommon to find nylon coating in the medical field because any metal implements coated with nylon can be easily sterilized between uses and avoid damage from an impact when accidentally dropped. In the automotive industry, nylon coating is sometimes used to protect the exterior of brake lines and fuels lines from degradation that could pose a safety threat to the vehicle’s passengers.

With our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art equipment in our manufacturing facility, we are about to create dip molds and complete coats of nylon by formulating reliable nylon compounds. If any assembly, die cutting or in-house tooling is needed, we are able to accommodate all of these secondary operations so that you don’t need to go anywhere else to complete your product.

At Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc., we’ve been in business for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve developed a reputation for quality not only in our home state of Texas, but across the country. Our top notch customer service and skilled craftsmanship are the attributes that we credit for our success. From our manufacturing facility in San Antonio, we are more than ready to take on large and small production projects for clients in any industry.