A Brief History of PVC Dip Coating

Dip coating products in a plastisol PVC compound is a very common way to protect items while also adding a durable finish. Many tools, electrical components and household goods are dip coated before being packaged for consumers. At Texas Dip Molding & Coating, we specialize in providing high quality dip coating for whatever products our wide range of customers may bring to us. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, and our reputation as an industry leader speaks for itself. But, if we’ve been dip coating for so long, you might be wondering where the whole process began. We’re so glad you asked!

In the early 20th century, natural rubber was in high demand. The problem was that there wasn’t nearly enough of a supply to keep up with the needs of manufacturers. PVC had been discovered almost accidentally in the 19th century by two different European scientists, but it wasn’t until 1913 that German inventor Friedrich Heinrich August Klatte took out a patent on PVC and developed a method for creating and curing it. A few years later, BF Goodrich commissioned American scientist Waldo Semon to use the material to develop a synthetic tire. The project was almost abandoned when the recession hit, but Semon had the brilliant idea to use PVC as a coating, and dip coating was born. As the decades went on, the demand for PVC rose and companies began using it to insulate wiring, coat fabrics, and add durability to many other applications. PVC slowly became known for its efficiency and resistance to abrasion and moisture. It wasn’t just PVC coatings that quickly became important to manufacturers either; the construction industry quickly caught on to the convenience of using rigid PVC for tubing in buildings.

Today PVC is one of the most highly sought after plastics on the market, and PVC dip coating can be found on hundreds of different types of products in almost every industry. Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc. is proud to be an industry leader in this field by providing affordable dip coating to our wide customer base. Call today to learn more about what we can do for you!