Creating Tool Handles Using Plastisol PVC Dip Coating

If you’ve ever used a hammer that doesn’t have a comfortable handle, you know how quickly you can develop callouses on your fingers when you are working hard. Not only that, but you may have found it hard to keep a tight grip when you were trying to nail something in place. You need your tools to get the job done, but they shouldn’t make the job harder. A good handle should provide padding, protect the tool and give you a steady grip so you can work efficiently. That’s exactly why so many tool manufacturers choose to have the handles on their products dipped in a plastisol PVC coating.

When a product with a unique shape needs a PVC coating that can’t be created using a mold, plastisol PVC dip coating is the perfect solution. This coating can be created specifically for one tool and then applied directly to the product. The result is a smooth, plastisol coating that bonds directly to the surface of the tool, creating a durable and protective handle. Consumers who use the product will experience the benefits of the tool’s comfortable handle and long-lasting coating. At Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc., tool handles are just one of the plastisol PVC dip coating applications that we provide to our clients. We can create coating in a range of thicknesses that will match the exact specifications of your product. We begin by applying a bonding coat of primer to the surface of the product. This helps the plastisol PVC substance to adhere more tightly to the surface. We also finish with a filler coat that removes any imperfections.

Most tool manufacturers want the handle of their product to have a textured finish for added grip. The process we use for plastisol PVC dip coating can be adjusted to result in a textured finish if desired, or we can finish with a glossy or foamy texture to suit the needs of other applications. For industries where UV stability, FDA regulatory requirements or other material where particular qualities are absolutely essential to the quality of the product, we can create a plastisol PVC dip coating solution that meets and exceeds standards.

For plastisol PVC dip coating of tool handles or any other type of product, contact Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc. today! Our hands on approach and vast dip molding and coating capabilities are sure to be the perfect fit for your industrial needs.