Superior Plastic Grips

“Get a grip!” You’ve probably heard someone say that before, and they might have even been saying it to you. It’s not really a compliment, because it’s usually meant to imply that you’re losing it. Well, at Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc., “Get a grip” has a whole different meaning. We’re talking about plastic grips, and we manufacture them for customers in all sorts of industries. Plastic grips improve comfort, increase grip and provide protection for handles all tools, bikes, exercise equipment and any other objects that people may need to grasp tightly. The benefit of using plastic is that it can be colored to match a product and it doesn’t corrode like metal would. Plastic also doesn’t fray or wear down, like rubber might in some cases.

Not all applications can be treated the same way, so at Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc. we can create plastic grips in two different ways. When we use dip coating, we dip the handles of the product directly into a plastisol solution. The dip adheres to the surface and is given time to dry and cure, resulting in a smooth handle that is contoured perfectly to the shape of the object.

Dip coating is great for creating plastic grips on irregular shapes, but it isn’t always optimal. In many instances, we use a dip molding process. In this process, a mold is created in the desired shape of the handle. This mold is then dipped in a plastisol solution and allowed time to try. Once the plastisol has set, the new handle is carefully removed from the mold and slipped onto the handle area of the product it is being created for. Because we offer assembly services in-house, we can create your custom dip molded handle and then install it on your product. To top it off, we even have packaging services! We can have the entire product assembled and ready to go if you want to get everything done quickly.

Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc. isn’t just an industry-leading company by accident. The combination of experience, expertise and customer service that you experience when you choose to do business with us is exactly why we’ve been successful for over 40 years.