The Versatility of Dip Molding

The process of dip molding is a relatively simple and effective way to create durable plastisol parts that can be fitted onto an item. A mold in the shape of the item is created, and then dipped into the coating liquid after being heated. This is then cured in the oven, cooled and then removed from the mold to leave the shape in solid plastisol form. If multiple molds are made, then they can all be dipped and cured at once to speed up production. As long as the mold isn’t given too much time to cool after being dipped, the coating should be quite easy to remove. Creating the mold only costs a fraction of what it might cost to use alternative tooling methods to manufacture the same product, so it really is a worthwhile process.

At Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc., we are proud to offer our dip molding services to customers in a wide variety of industries with a diverse set of needs and product specifications. We have access to many different types of plastisol materials so that we can manufacture different colors, textures, finishes, UV stability levels and more.

There are many advantages to the dip molding process. For one thing, a dip mold add lots of color and texture to a product, setting it apart and providing a more finished appearance. In terms of functionality, this process helps items to be resistant to corrosion, abrasion and even impact from being dropped. In some applications, a dip molded coat can provide electrical insulation and increased UV stability in case exposure to UV is an issue. A further benefit or advantage of dip molding is that it creates the perfect surface for you to display your company’s logo or product I.D.

Texas Dip Molding & Coating Inc. is an industry-leading company with over 40 years of experience. We’ve served dozen of industries and we boast a skilled and knowledgeable staff who can solve problems and create quality products. We’ll take you from a prototype to a finished product in whatever production volume you need at a competitive price. For dip molding or coating, call us today!